Frank Melloul
CEO I24 News

Melloul is the Chief Executive Officer and President of the international

Israeli-based news channel i24news, which began broadcasting in July 2013 under

Patrick Drahi, the Founder. i24news is a private international news channel

established in 2013 which broadcasts 24/7 to one billion households in three

languages – English, French and Arabic, owned by Altice USA. The international

news channel launched in the United States in February 2017, bringing content

from its studios in Tel-Aviv, New York, Washington, and Paris to viewers across


the USA and around the globe. Build from scratch in 100 days, this startup

company now gathered around 300 people from 35 nationalities.

Following the Abraham Accords, Frank Melloul led i24news to sign various MoU

and partnership agreements with leading companies in the UAE, Bahrain, and

Morocco. i24news became the first Israel-based channel to broadcast in the UAE

by two cable operators: Etisalat and DU. In 2021, as part of Melloul's vision to

expand into the Emirati market, the channel received a UAE broadcast license and

launched its studios in Dubai.

Melloul's vision is to show i24news as the Platform of the New Middle East. As an

unbiased network, i24news became naturally the media place where dialogue is