Isaac Herzog

President of Israel

Naftali Bennett

Prime Minister of Israel

Yair Lapid

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Alternate Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu

Former Prime Minister of Israel, MK and head of opposition

Ayelet Shaked

Minister of Interior

Nitzan Chen

Director, Israel Government Press Office

Netanel Isaac

Director General of the Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage

Asher Salmon

Head of International Relations Department at the Ministry of Health

Micha Goodman

Best-selling author

Rev. Johnnie Moore

Founder, The KAIROS Company President, The Congress of Christian Leaders

Bishop Glenn Plummer

Bishop of Israel, Church of God in Christ

Dumisani Washington

Founder of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel

Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Associate Dean of the Wiesenthal Center

Sawsen Hasson

Director of the Middle East Economic Relations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Maayan Hoffman

Editor, Jerusalem Post

Mike Evans

Founder and Chairman of the FOZ Heritage Center

Ahdeya Ahmed Alsayad

Journalist and former president of the Bahraini journalists association

Tal Schneider

Israeli journalist at The Times Of Israel

Yousef Hadad

Israeli activist

Ghada Zohabi

Founder of

Michal Divon

Senior journalist at Khaleej Times

Dr. Najat Alsaeed

Political Communications researcher and publicist

Ross Kriel

Jewish Community Representative to the Dubai Government

Ahmed Obaid Al Mansoori

Founder of the Crossroads of Civilizations Museum

Richard Liverance


Dan Tadmor

Director of Anu Museum

Michele Bachmann

Former US Congresswoman

Ward Simpson

Founder of GOD TV